Test – Harness – Legacy – HB-surfkite

I had the chance to test the Legacy, harness by HB-surfkite : a new French Connection is born !

It’s not a revolution, not a game changer…. only an evolution, very simple, so simple, making all of us saying “wow f***, we should have thought about that!”

Hervé Bouré talking about Legacy :

The connection between the kite and the rider is fundamental, what are the different systems?

I’m using a Ride Engine for more than a year and I feel it practical in the surf, thanks to the large angular motion. But the main drawback is that you cannot use it unhooked and you have to modify the chicken loop set up.

Cabrinha’s Fireball system is nice, but it can’t be used without an upside-down buckle mount on the spreader bar. Therefore you cannot lend it to another rider who don’t have the same buckle set up.

Thanks to the X-Drive Spreader Bar With 3D Hook® by Hb-Surfkite, the Legacy very is much more handy in strapless freestyle than the ride engine. The kite control is optimal, the traction stays around your navel with a large freedom of movements. Very comfy, though the tested model was a bit oversized (I need a M not a L).

The Legacy, how it works ?


This technological innovation takes into account the specific movements and forces of kitesurfing .With this friction-less system, the kite is connected directly to the rotary axis, unlike the traditional kite hook. The freedom is total, no matter where the kite is located in the window. You can finally open your shoulders while surfing and get amplitude for freestyle!

The design is unique and minimalist, articulating around a flexible tendon and a hook taking into account the specific forces and movements of Strapless riding. It has ergonomic shapes for an effective system. The traction becomes uniform and fluid as a power steering.

It focuses the pull of the kite directly to your core where it becomes a part of your body. The control is optimized. Unlike a sliding rope, you always keep a fixed control point (neutral position of control).
The system works well for unhooked riding as well.

For more info and book your Legacy : HB-surfkite.com

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