KaiKai3 – Boardriding Maui

Greg Drexler from Boardriding Maui :

“Kai learned to kite last year at 8 years old. Her hydrofoiling is currently at the stage where I say “Kai, try this” + she just does it. And we already have hints at the next stage where I’m hammering away at trying a new trick + she sees it + just does it + says “Uncle, how come you can’t do this?” There have been tricks requiring thousands of crashes for me to incrementally progress my technique. Progression on other tricks has been a dead-end no matter the # of crashes until progress is unlocked by a change in technique. With all my years on the water I still can’t see down the different paths to know where each leads but I love the challenge no matter the destination. Maybe this is the nature of all things? I often have an intended destination with each step of my gear development but where the path ultimately leads is beautifully unknown. Please support gear development that serves your riding path + please enjoy this video of a step in Kai’s riding path.”